Potential Technology List

April 5th, 2004
Justin Wick

What technologies are we going to include in Meglomania?

We're looking into the following technologies.  Please excuse the crude nature of this list.

Eclipse - IDE, Testing, Debugging

Eclipse Rich Client Platform - Our game is an eclipse plugin!  How great!

Hibernate -  Automate java persitence with SQL database.  Handles all networking issues and synchronization etc.  No networking code for us!

JAXB -  XML - For data files to be read in...

Xerces - Another XML reader

Jython   - Maybe we can write the rules of the game in Jython... it's an interesting idea.  It's much more high level, it's scripting stuff so...  might work!

JUnit     - Testing

Eclipse Continuous Testing Plugin - Hardcore auto-tester.  Spare CPU cycles are used to test *EVERYTHING* in your program ALWAYS.  how cool!

JMeter  - Benchmarking

HeamRoots - Memory leak debugging

Subversion - Better than CVS

Subclipse - Subversion plugin for eclipse

Ant - Pretty standard build system

Maven - Harcore build system

HypersonicSQL server:  SQL server in 100% pure java, will run anywhere!  Anyone can connect to your game :-D

JXTA:  Self-discovery on the network (for simple network stuff, finding someone local to play with etc)

Element Contstruction Set:  If we want to generate HTML documents out of the program (for instance a status report)

Formatted Data Set - Same as ECS but different people make it.  Might be good too.

Velocity (Jakarta) - Template engine...  um it's really cool maybe this will be useful for creating data files or something

Log4j - Great for debugging etc

Lightweight Java Game Library - Look it up, handles graphics and sound for us!  Woohooo!

SDE for Eclipse - We can design using UML to show how classes relate to each other, making docs better and generating code based on it.  w00t!

JEP - Java expression parser.  We can embed formulas directly into our data files to be dynamically read!  Great for things like weighting economics or calculating damage!

Lint4j - Java source code analyser.  Integrate this into our build system to catch awful mistakes.

JiveLint - Like Lint4j, the more the merrier!

SwingSet - Datagrid code for analysing stuff in a database - useful for things like looking at lists of planets?

Jodd - Generic library for helping with stuff

Visual Application Builder - Okay so we don't need a J2EE builder... but it's still cool.  hmm....  maybe we can use it :-D

XincaML - Checks constraints on data files... sounds great for verification

SourceCode to Flowchart - Cool program that amkes a flowchart from your code.  Hmm...

EasyGridBag - Swing component, it's awesome

JTreeMap - Good thing to copy if nothing else.  Very cool way of showing graphically, like a pie chart.  The same guys make a killer pie chart damn I want it.

TreeMap ( - Just like above only free :-D

JGraph - Open Source java grapher!  woohoo!  can you say "technology"???

JWizardPane - If notthing else, use in-house to make kick-ass universe-designing wizards.

JSourcery - If we wanna put code up online, it will format for us and include hyperlinks etc...  I guess that's cool... right?

Jostraca - Code generation.  This could be useful, especially if we're writing a lot of boilerplate code.  there's some kind of Code Emitter thing though I found somewhere that's probalby better.

MG4J - Compression algorithms, for Her pleasure  ;)   (No that's not supposed to make sense, I'm up late)  -  May also be used for speeding things up like mutable strings.

Pounder - Automated GUI testing :-D  See if the person can crash the program!  Just see!

JavaBeans - Generic component-oriented framework.  I'm thinking about looking at using it, however...  not sure what I think.  Hmm...

Julia - source code analysis

EJen - code generation based on XML etc...  hmm...  can generate just about anything we need!  uh... as long as you tell it what it needs to know :-D  could be useful for making world resources etc, as it might handle all the intricacies of generating a world :-D

CroftSoft library - Some game stuff, etc...  I don't know if it's any good.  Looked at it a long time ago.

Sweet GUI library -

SWT Gui Designer - Who makes GUIs by hand anyways???